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Kate Florence

Lobster Thermidor



177 cm x 145 cm

Acrylic, Pumice and Gel


Available at One Holland Village


Kate is a UK-trained artist with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Winchester School of Art. She spent a year in Milan studying traditional painting and contemporary video art before graduating in 2015.

Kate moved to Melbourne from the UK in 2018 with a dream of being an artist. Kate has since exhibited in several shows, curated her first show and had a debut solo sell-out show at Saint Cloche Gallery, Sydney in 2021; Rainbow Studios, Sydney; MARFA Gallery, Melbourne; No Vacancy, Melbourne; and Michael Reid, New South Wales. Kate now works with galleries in London, LA and Singapore.

In her latest body of work, Kate is reflecting on the idea of heritage, a word built on concepts of ownership and value. Kate explores memories of her very unique childhood growing up in a small village in the heart of the English countryside.

Kate’s work is an exploration of her memories from home, combined with distorted scenes of everyday life. Drawing on both the playful, cultural and nostalgic element of her youth and embracing a warm, rich colour pallet, she incorporates working with the negative space. These works embrace the power and necessity of community and the importance of living in harmony with the land.

Kate now works full-time as an artist in her studio on Gubbi Gubbi land, (Noosa) QLD Australia. Being immersed in nature is essential for balanced living and nurturing Kate’s creativity. As a process driven artist Kate’s main focus and source of motivation is getting lost in the process. She works without a finished concept in mind, so that she connects freely with her intuitive creative flow, allowing her energy to be transferred freely into her work.

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