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Lincoln Townley

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Lincoln Townley is a British contemporary artist known for his expressive figurative paintings. He is regarded as one of the best working contemporary artists in the UK. Notably he has been invited to exhibit his works are the highly prestigious Venice Biennale, La Biennale di Venezia, for three consecutive occasions: 2019, 2022 and 2024. Commissioned by the BAFTAs multiple times for their Los Angeles awards ceremonies, he has garnered a celebrity following with his works collected by the likes of Al Pacino, Cate Blanchett and Michael Caine. Drawn from the artist’s subconscious, the dark and often tormented imagery of Townley’s work seeks to evoke “the chaos bubbling just below the surface of our lives, which drive our desires to succeed and win in life,” he has explained. He began to focus on his painting after becoming sober and leaving his original career in marketing night clubs, and has cited his past as a source of inspiration for his work. His themes of greed and selfish ambition resonate with collectors and critics alike.

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