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Ma Dongmin

Double Horse Galaxy


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160cm x 120cm




Beijing artist Ma Dongmin (born 1968) graduated from Central College of Fine Arts in 1990 and had his first solo exhibition in 1995 at HK Culture Center.

Since 2002, he has exhibited yearly in China and overseas. His works have been continuously circulating in exhibitions around New York, Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France) and Asia (Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, HK, and Indonesia).

His works fall under the category of Chinese Contemporary Art and is thematically landscape – the core expression of Chinese arts. To Ma Dongmin, landscape is an ideal metaphor for human lust. Fog, mountain, and water present the notion of union between human and nature.  This concept is his yearning for freedom after traveling widely for years.

Ma Dongmin had an earlier period of non-figurative style in his landscape paintings that is close to abstract expressionism. In recent years, he developed figurative-forms in tones of gray-and-blue. They are strengthened with landscapes from obscurity to clear facial expressions, from whole figures to portraits of human faces.

Contrary to figures hidden in traditional Chinese paintings, Ma Dongmin’s exploration of figures in landscape paintings demonstrates his individual experiences influenced by contemporary society.

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